• S cad commands

    SAVE Saves the drawing under the current file name or a specified name
    SAVEAS Saves an unnamed drawing with a file name or renames the current drawing
    SAVEIMG Saves a rendered image to a file
    SCALE Enlarges or reduces selected objects equally in the X, Y, and Z directions
    SCENE Manages scenes in model space

    SCRIPT Executes a sequence of commands from a script
    SECTION Uses the intersection of a plane and solids to create a region
    SELECT Places selected objects in the Previous selection set
    SETUV Maps materials onto objects
    SETVAR Lists or changes the values of system variables
    SHADEMODE Shades the objects in the current viewport
    SHAPE Inserts a shape
    SHELL Accesses operating system commands
    SHOWMAT Lists the material type and attachment method for a selected object
    SKETCH Creates a series of freehand line segments
    SLICE Slices a set of solids with a plane
    SNAP Restricts cursor movement to specified intervals
    SOLDRAW Generates profiles and sections in viewports created with SOLVIEW
    SOLID Creates solid-filled polygons
    SOLIDEDIT Edits faces and edges of 3D solid objects
    SOLPROF Creates profile images of three-dimensional solids
    SOLVIEW Creates floating viewports using orthographic projection to lay out multi- and sectional view drawings of 3D solid and body objects while in a layout
    SPELL Checks spelling in a drawing
    SPHERE Creates a three-dimensional solid sphere
    SPLINE Creates a quadratic or cubic spline (NURBS) curve
    SPLINEDIT Edits a spline object
    STATS Displays rendering statistics
    STATUS Displays drawing statistics, modes, and extents
    STLOUT Stores a solid in an ASCII or binary file
    STRETCH Moves or stretches objects
    STYLE Creates or modifies named styles and sets the current style for text in your drawing
    STYLESMANAGER Displays the Plot Style Manager
    SUBTRACT Creates a composite region or solid by subtraction
    SYSWINDOWS Arranges windows