• F,G,H cad commands

    FILL Controls the filling of multilines, traces, solids, all hatches, and wide polylines
    FILLET Rounds and fillets the edges of objects
    FILTER Creates reusable filters to select objects based on properties
    FIND Finds, replaces, selects, or zooms to specified text
    FOG Provides visual cues for the apparent distance of objects
    GRAPHSCR Switches from the text window to the drawing area
    GRID Displays a dot grid in the current viewport
    GROUP Creates a named selection set of objects

    HATCH Fills a specified boundary with a pattern
    HATCHEDIT Modifies an existing hatch object
    HELP (F1) Displays online help
    HIDE Regenerates a three-dimensional model with hidden lines suppressed
    HYPERLINK Attaches a hyperlink to a graphical object or modifies an existing hyperlink
    HYPERLINKOPTIONS Controls the visibility of the hyperlink cursor and the display of hyperlink tooltips