• I,L cad commands

    ID Displays the coordinate values of a location
    IMAGE Manages images
    IMAGEADJUST Controls the image display of the brightness, contrast, and fade values of images
    IMAGEATTACH Attaches a new image to the current drawing
    IMAGECLIP Creates new clipping boundaries for an image object
    IMAGEFRAME Controls whether AutoCAD displays the image frame or hides it from view
    IMAGEQUALITY Controls the display quality of images
    IMPORT Imports files in various formats into AutoCAD
    INSERT Places a named block or drawing into the current drawing
    INSERTOBJ Inserts a linked or embedded object
    INTERFERE Creates a composite 3D solid from the common volume of two or more solids
    INTERSECT Creates composite solids or regions from the intersection of two or more solids or regions and removes the areas outside of the intersection
    ISOPLANE Specifies the current isometric plane
    LAYER Manages layers and layer properties
    LAYOUT Creates a new layout and renames, copies, saves, or deletes an existing layout
    LAYOUTWIZARD Starts the Layout wizard, in which you can designate page and plot settings for a new layout
    LEADER Creates a line that connects annotation to a feature
    LENGTHEN Lengthens an object
    LIGHT Manages lights and lighting effects
    LIMITS Sets and controls the drawing boundaries and grid display
    LINE Creates straight line segments
    LINETYPE Creates, loads, and sets linetypes
    LIST Displays database information for selected objects
    LOAD Makes shapes available for use by the SHAPE command
    LOGFILEOFF Closes the log file opened by LOGFILEON
    LOGFILEON Writes the text window contents to a file
    LSEDIT Edits a landscape object
    LSLIB Maintains libraries of landscape objects
    LSNEW Adds realistic landscape items, such as trees and bushes, to your drawings
    LTSCALE Sets the linetype scale factor
    LWEIGHT Sets the current lineweight, lineweight display options, and lineweight units


    Pam and Stan said...

    Hey have you heard of a command that freezes the layer of the objects that you click on in a view port. I have used this and cant remember the name for some reason to type it in again. i would appreciate some help finding it cause it was a great tool.

    something like LAYFR maybe?
    Thanks! love you blog.