• P,Q cad commands

    PAGESETUP Specifies the layout page, plotting device, paper size, and settings for each new layout
    PAN Moves the drawing display in the current viewport
    PARTIALOAD Loads additional geometry into a partially opened drawing
    PARTIALOPEN Loads geometry from a selected view or layer into a drawing
    PASTEBLOCK Pastes a copied block into a new drawing
    PASTECLIP Inserts data from the Clipboard

    PASTEORIG Pastes a copied object in a new drawing using the coordinates from the original drawing
    PASTESPEC Inserts data from the Clipboard and controls the format of the data
    PCINWIZARD Displays a wizard to import PCP and PC2 configuration file plot settings into the Model tab or current layout
    PEDIT Edits polylines and three-dimensional polygon meshes
    PFACE Creates a three-dimensional polyface mesh vertex by vertex
    PLAN Displays the plan view of a user coordinate system
    PLINE Creates two-dimensional polylines
    PLOT Plots a drawing to a plotting device or file
    PLOTSTYLE Sets the current plot style for new objects, or the assigned plot style for selected objects
    PLOTTERMANAGER Displays the Plotter Manager, where you can launch the Add-a-Plotter wizard and the Plotter Configuration Editor
    POINT Creates a point object
    POLYGON Creates an equilateral closed polyline
    PREVIEW Shows how the drawing will look when it is printed or plotted
    PROPERTIES Controls properties of existing objects
    PROPERTIESCLOSE Closes the Properties window
    PSDRAG Controls the appearance of a PostScript image as it is dragged into position with PSIN
    PSETUPIN Imports a user-defined page setup into a new drawing layout
    PSFILL Fills a two-dimensional polyline outline with a PostScript pattern
    PSIN Imports a PostScript file
    PSOUT Creates an encapsulated PostScript file
    PSPACE Switches from a model space viewport to paper space
    PURGE Removes unused named objects, such as blocks or layers, from the drawing database
    QDIM Quickly creates a dimension
    QLEADER Quickly creates a leader and leader annotation
    QSAVE Quickly saves the current drawing
    QSELECT Quickly creates selection sets based on filtering criteria
    QTEXT Controls the display and plotting of text and attribute objects
    QUIT Exits AutoCAD