• M,N,O cad commands

    MASSPROP Calculates and displays the mass properties of regions or solids
    MATCHPROP Copies the properties from one object to one or more objects
    MATLIB Imports and exports materials to and from a library of materials
    MEASURE Places point objects or blocks at measured intervals on an object
    MENU Loads a menu file

    MENULOAD Loads partial menu files
    MENUUNLOAD Unloads partial menu files
    MINSERT Inserts multiple instances of a block in a rectangular array
    MIRROR Creates a mirror image copy of objects
    MIRROR3D Creates a mirror image of objects about a plane
    MLEDIT Edits multiple parallel lines
    MLINE Creates multiple parallel lines
    MLSTYLE Defines a style for multiple parallel lines
    MODEL Switches from a layout tab to the Model tab and makes it current
    MOVE Displaces objects a specified distance in a specified direction
    MSLIDE Creates a slide file of the current viewport in model space, or of all viewports in paper space
    MSPACE Switches from paper space to a model space viewport
    MTEXT Creates multiline text
    MULTIPLE Repeats the next command until canceled
    MVIEW Creates floating viewports and turns on existing floating viewports
    MVSETUP Sets up the specifications of a drawing
    NEW Creates a new drawing file
    OFFSET Creates concentric circles, parallel lines, and parallel curves
    OLELINKS Updates, changes, and cancels existing OLE links
    OLESCALE Displays the OLE Properties dialog box
    OOPS Restores erased objects
    OPEN Opens an existing drawing file
    OPTIONS Customizes the AutoCAD settings
    ORTHO Constrains cursor movement
    OSNAP ets object snap modes