• v cad commands

    VBAIDE Displays the Visual Basic Editor
    VBALOAD Loads a global VBA project into the current AutoCAD session
    VBAMAN Loads, unloads, saves, creates, embeds, and extracts VBA projects
    VBARUN Runs a VBA macro
    VBASTMT Executes a VBA statement on the AutoCAD command line
    VBAUNLOAD Unloads a global VBA project
    VIEW Saves and restores named views
    VIEWRES Sets the resolution for objects in the current viewport
    VLISP Displays the Visual LISP interactive development environment (IDE)
    VPCLIP Clips viewport objects
    VPLAYER Sets layer visibility within viewports
    VPOINT Sets the viewing direction for a three-dimensional visualization of the drawing
    VPORTS Divides the drawing area into multiple tiled or floating viewports
    VSLIDE Displays an image slide file in the current viewport