• x,y,z cad commands

    WBLOCK Writes objects or a block to a new drawing file
    WEDGE Creates a 3D solid with a sloped face tapering along the X axis
    WHOHAS Displays ownership information for opened drawing files
    WMFIN Imports a Windows metafile<
    WMFOPTS Sets options for WMFIN
    WMFOUT Saves objects to a Windows metafile
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    XATTACH Attaches an external reference to the current drawing
    XBIND Binds dependent symbols of an xref to a drawing
    XCLIP Defines an xref or block clipping boundary and sets the front or back clipping planes
    XLINE Creates an infinite line
    XPLODE Breaks a compound object into its component objects
    XREF Controls external references to drawing files
    ZOOM Increases or decreases the apparent size of objects in the current viewport


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